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According to a study at Rolls-Royce, a product's design determines 80% of it's manufacturing cost. Too many designers get caught up only focusing on the aesthetics and visual appeal of a design, not taking into account the practical realities of manu...

15 years, 5127 prototypes is what it took James Dyson to create the DC01, his first upright vacuum cleaner with the patented cyclone technology. Dyson clearly

User research is fundamental to building products that are centered around people. It helps figure out what users really want, and deliver meaningful products and experiences that they will embrace. User research not just informs design, but it drive...

Wearable technology has been exploding since the world’s oldest “smart” ring - a wearable abacus - was developed in the 17th century. No, it couldn’t send text messages, but the device was a functional counting tool.

Fast-forward to today, and wearabl...

High-End 3D product rendering service for consumer products, industrial & mechanical equipment, furniture, medical devices and more.

If you are considering crowdfunding, you would certainly be comparing Kickstarter Vs Indiegogo, two of the biggest crowdfunding platforms worldwide.  

(As of Dec 8) Over $3.4bn has been committed on Kickstarter projects spread across 135,353 projects,...

Gartner predicts 504.6 million wearable devices to be sold globally by 2021. It estimates the sales of smartwatches to total nearly 81 million units (16 percent of total wearable device sales) generating $17.4 billion in revenue by 2021.

Here’s the la...

Virtual Prototyping, also referred to as Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) is an important step in the new product development process. Before manufacturing an actual prototype, we, at Outdesign, use virtual prototyping to analyse, improve and validat...

Injection molding can be a high upfront investment. If you are just starting out and can't justify the investment in injection molding, here are some low volume, cost-effective alternatives to injection molding.

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