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Outdesign Co is an industrial design firm & product design company creating outstanding products and experiences for clients around the world.

Our industrial design studio offers a full range of product design and engineering development services to create sleek, yet practical design solutions that go beyond look and feel. 


A reliable industrial design process

Our rigorous industrial design process ensures products that look great, work great and are feasible to manufacture.

1. DESIGN RESEARCH: In the research phase we work closely with our clients to understand who their consumers are and how their product makes their lives better. Thorough research that takes into account the manufacturability, cost and business goals forms a strong foundation to guide the rest of the design process.

2. CONCEPTUALIZATION: Our designers come up with creative product design solutions that meet or exceed the design criteria formed in the first phase. The concepts are further refined and narrowed done to one or two best designs that meet the technical, aesthetic, manufacturing as well as the business requirements.

3. PROTOTYPING & REFINEMENT: Prototypes are a great opportunity to turn the design concepts from a digital form into something tangible. Prototypes are the best way to the improve the various aspects of the product like ergonomics, form, function and the visual features like color, material and surface finish.

4. FINAL DESIGN: The industrial design process culminates with a stunning product design that is meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations and is ready to be handed over to the engineering team for further development. Sometimes an appearance prototype with a high quality finish can also be included as a deliverable for demo purposes.

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Some of our past projects

Product design, development, prototyping & 3D visualization projects


Dott, the future of digital artwork, is the world's first wearable for GIF animations and NFTs. It is multi-functional and can be worn on the wrist, around the neck or pinned anywhere. 

We worked on the entire product design and development process from idea to the first prototype and then support for mass-production.

Dott: World's first wearable for GIFs & NFTs.


MyPet MyScent is a unique, patented product for pets that uses aromatherapy to keep dogs calm when the owner is away.

It was awarded at the Global Pet Expo, Florida by "America's Veterinarian" Dr. Marty Becker and featured in various TV shows.

We helped with the entire process from idea to prototype and then manufacturing assistance/packaging design.

Pet product awarded at the Global Pet Expo, Florida


This is the second version of the MyPet MyScent product.

MyPet MyScent is a unique, patented product for pets that uses aromatherapy to keep dogs calm when the owner is away.

It was awarded at the Global Pet Expo, Florida by "America's Veterinarian" Dr. Marty Becker and featured in various TV shows.

We helped with the entire process from idea to prototype and then manufacturing assistance/packaging design.

Patented, award-winning product for pets


Product design for Los-Angeles based SmartMat - World's first intelligent yoga mat.


Using advanced sensors and AI, it provides real-time feedback on body posture and alignment. Featured in BBC, Forbes, Mashable, CNN etc and described as the "stand-out" product of CES 2014. 

SmartMat: World's first intelligent yoga mat


E-Bot is an all metal 3D printer. The entire structure is made using sheet steel, thus providing a low cost and sturdy frame. 

Prototype developed from scratch based on existing open-source 3D printer platform.

E-Bot: All metal 3D printer prototype


A patented safety eyewear for the construction industry that offers eye as well as ear protection. 

We helped the client bring their patent drawings to life in the form of a prototype.

Patented eyewear for the construction industry


Industrial design services to create products that your customers love!

Trusted by startups and established business across 15+ countries


"Outdesign managed the project excellently, their quality of communication was high and they were accurate in terms of timeline. Outside of being a very professional team with talented engineers and great customer service, they're very personable."

James Pamplin

CEO | WonderTrack


"Excellent detail and follow-up. I would hire them again or recommend to anybody who needed diligent work. Went above and beyond what was requested of them.

Neyma Jahan

 Co-Founder | SmartMat Inc


"Extremely bright and talented team. Communication is excellent - prompt, precise and concise. Delivery was on time. Have enjoyed working with them. Will definitely hire again if the need arises."

Tathagato Dastidar

CEO | SigTuple Technologies

Why choose our industrial design services?

Full Product Development

As a product design & development company, we provide not just industrial design services, but the entire range of development services to get your product to market. 

Early Stage DFM Planning

Our talented engineers & designers work together to ensure a reliable end product and that the final design can be easily sent to production without needing a complete re-design

Innovative Design Solutions

Every new product comes with its own unique challenges which requires creative thinking. Our designers and engineers work together to solve complex problems in unique ways.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Outdesign Co a product design company?

Outdesign Co is a product design and development company helping inventors, startups and SMEs across 15+ countries turn their ideas into some ‘World-firsts’ and award-winning products. Industrial design, product development, engineering, 3D visualization and prototyping are some of the top services offered by Outdesign Co.


What products or industries do you specialize in?

We love to work on a wide range of products for innovative startups, inventors as well as manufacturers in various industries like consumer goods, electronics, pet products, appliances, wearables, eyewear, construction and more.


How important are industrial design services?

Industrial design services are about creating well crafted products and experiences for the end customer as a way to differentiate your products from the competition. Good design goes much beyond creating sleek aesthetics for a product. It is a fine balance of aesthetics, functionality, manufacturability and business goals. Industrial design is especially important in differentiating your brand in the crowded consumer products industry where products offer very similar features.


What locations do you serve?

We serve clients worldwide and have worked with startups, entrepreneurs and businesses in 15+ countries, providing them with the best industrial design services. A large majority of our happy clients are based in the US, from California to New York and everywhere in between.


What are some top product design companies?

IDEO, Frog Design, SeymourPowell, Karten Design, RKS are some of the top names when it comes to industrial design firms and product design companies. Some of these firms are globally recognized, having offices in multiple countries and count some of the biggest global brands as their clients.


How much do industrial design companies charge?  

Product design companies use various pricing models to best serve their clients, learn more about the cost of industrial design services in our detailed article. Since each project is unique, it is best to contact us to get an accurate estimate for your specific project, click here get a quote for your project.


How to find a product design company?

There are various avenues, both online and offline, to find a product design company that best suits your needs. Online search engines and directories are a great source to find industrial design studios quickly and efficiently. IDSA website, tradeshows, industry events and referrals from colleagues who have had a good experience with a product design company can be some reliable ways to find a product design studio that best suits your needs.  


What are some key factors to consider before hiring a product design firm?

Some of the key factors to consider before hiring a product design company are whether the industrial design firm has experience in your industry, whether the design studio understands the unique constraints of a startup, do they have knowledgeable designers and engineers who understand manufacturing challenges and whether they assist with complete development of the product if needed. Our article on 4 key considerations before hiring a product design firm will help you make an informed decision on the design studio that best suits your needs.

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