We are a product design & development company for startups.

Outdesign is a product design and development company. We help startups, inventors and small businesses around the world create innovate, easy to manufacture products that stand out. 

We help you go from napkin sketch to mass production.





How We Help Startups

We help startups navigate new product development and avoid costly mistakes along the way. With our vetted manufacturing partners in China, Taiwan & India, we provide a smooth end to end experience to our clients. 

Our design approach is specifically tailored to meet the needs of a startup rather than a big corporation. Tech giants like Apple can buy 10,000 CNC machines to realize unconventional designs but a startup doing the same will go out of business. With smart design that is highly optimized for manufacturing, we have saved our clients as much as $300k in manufacturing costs!

A timely consultation from our expert can help you plan your next steps and save you from wasting a lot of time and money.    


Featured Work

Our primary focus is on the design & development of consumer products in a range of categories like pet products, wearables, IOT, consumer electronics, health/fitness and more.

Tarun Kalia

Tarun is a creative product designer and mechanical engineer, leading the new product development efforts at Outdesign. 

He has won accolades for both design as well as engineering on separate occasions, most notable one being the NASA's international Robonaut challenges.


With his combined experience in design, engineering & manufacturing processes, we are able to design products that not only look good but are feasible to manufacture and help startups avoid costly mistakes.

Charu Kalia

Charu is a co-founder of Outdesign. Formally trained as a software engineer, she brings 14+ years of experience working with startups as well as multi-national companies like Google, Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Evalueserve, wearing many hats and excelling at each task. 

When not working, she likes to pursue her artistic interests through drawing and painting.

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Outdesign is a product design & development company. We help startups & SMEs create innovate, easy to manufacture products that stand out.

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