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How to find an industrial design company for your products

If you are a manufacturer or a startup looking to bring your product to market, chances are that your product could greatly benefit from industrial design services. A sleek, aesthetically pleasing product design can be the differentiating factor in certain industries like consumer products.

Product design companies specialize in working on the look and feel of products, the good ones go a step further to also consider the manufacturing aspects. But finding the right industrial design firm that suits your particular needs can be a daunting task. This article will help you go about finding the right industrial design firm.

Outdesign Co

Outdesign is a product design and development company working with clients across 15+ countries, helping them create sleek reliable products and prototypes. Click on the image below to get in touch with us.

1) Online Search

The most obvious place to start off your search for a product design company, or anything for that matter, is Google (or Bing search engine) Simply searching for “industrial design companies” will show up many results. You can be more specific by adding a ‘location/industry/specialization’ to find better results. Let’s say, you have a consumer product which you want to commercialize and bring to the market, then you may find better results by looking for consumer product design companies. Similarly, there are industrial design studios that specialize in a particular industry or product categories like furniture, automotive, footwear, consumer goods and more.

2) Design Directories

For niche services like industrial design, a simple google search may not always provide the best results. In such cases, online design directories are a great alternative to help you in your search for the best design company for your requirements. There are many online directories that are specifically tailored to show a list of companies from around the world that provide industrial/product design services. With online directories like Core77 Design Directory, Clutch and Dexigner you can narrow down your search for a design company by using filters for industry, type of service, location etc.

3) IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America)

According to their website, Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) is one of the oldest and largest industrial design associations in existence. Among other useful information and industry events, the IDSA website has a ‘find a firm’ feature that has a list of industrial design firms where you could find the one that suits your needs. A small downside is that the list is not as comprehensive as others and is mostly tailored towards US based firms.

4) Tradeshows and Industry Events

Tradeshows and events are a great way for companies to showcase their products and services. Though the pandemic put a temporary halt on in-person events, they are expected to make a comeback. Meanwhile, many events have gone digital. These tradeshows and events are places where you can find and interact with several industrial design companies who exhibit their services at these events.

5) Referrals

Your peers in the industry and professional network are sometimes able to recommend the right design firm for your project. Sometimes, there are other industrial design firms who might not be able to help you with a given project but can refer you to the right company. Referrals can be especially useful if you have a niche product that may require specialized skills or industry knowledge. LinkedIn can be a starting place to ask around in your network or to get in touch with people who have worked on similar projects who may be able to connect you to others.


Outdesign Co is a product design & development company helping clients across 15+ countries turn their ideas into “World-Firsts” and award-winning products.

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