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Product development services from concept to prototype & beyond.

We engage with our clients throughout the entire product development process from concept design to final production.


Years in business since inception.


Countries we have worked across.


Resources for startups & entrepreneurs.

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World's First Intelligent Yoga Mat


Trusted by startups, manufacturers and brands across 15+ countries


"Outdesign managed the project excellently, their quality of communication was high and they were accurate in terms of timeline. Outside of being a very professional team with talented engineers and great customer service, they're very personable."

James Pamplin

CEO | WonderTrack


"Excellent detail and follow-up. I would hire them again or recommend to anybody who needed diligent work. Went above and beyond what was requested of them.

Neyma Jahan

 Co-Founder | SmartMat Inc


"Extremely bright and talented team. Communication is excellent - prompt, precise and concise. Delivery was on time. Have enjoyed working with them. Will definitely hire again if the need arises."

Tathagato Dastidar

CEO | SigTuple Technologies

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new product development process?

The new product development process for physical products involves taking an idea and turning it into a real physical product in the market that people can buy. It starts with Stage 1: Research & Ideation to understand the market, competition and your value proposition, Stage 2: Planning & Conceptualization to form an initial concept of how the product would look like and function. Stage 3: Prototyping & Testing: The concept is turned into a prototype with the help of engineers in order to test and refine its functionality, aesthetics & user experience. Stage 4: Commercialization & Launch: involves sourcing, setting up mass-production & distribution channels for launch. Stage 5: Improvements: The product is subject to continuous improvements and feature upgrades based on customer feedback and market landscape.

What type of company builds prototypes?

A product development company like Outdesign Co helps inventors, startups and established businesses build prototypes of their new product ideas. We specialize in turning ideas from a napkin sketch to actual physical products and prototypes. If you already have 3D CAD files of your design, then a local 3D printing shop or machine shop will be more suitable depending on the type of product, purpose of prototype and materials used. For products that need minor changes like colors, logos etc added to an existing product, then a manufacturer will be more suitable. Here is a more detailed article on the types of companies that build prototypes of your idea.

How do I get my product idea manufactured?

To get your product idea manufactured, start with creating a rough sketch of your idea and a presentation of how it works, the target audience, the competitors and any other detail that will help people understand your requirements. Contact a product development firm like Outdesign Co to get a quote on what it would take to develop your idea into a prototype. Outdesign co has engineers and designers along with access to world-class manufacturing facilities where your idea can be turned into a real product. After getting a quote, you’ll be sent a document that lays out the development process, timeline, milestone and other important details to get started working on your product. 

How much does product development cost?

The cost of developing a physical product depends on the type of product and its complexity. The development of a prototype for simple products consisting of fewer than 5 custom parts and no electronics is generally below $10,000. For more complex electronic devices, the design and development of a prototype can be in hundreds of thousands of dollars, but typically is between $30,000 to $50,000 depending on the complexity. However, please note that project costs vary greatly depending on the type and complexity of the product and no two projects are the same. The numbers mentioned above are only to give a general idea of the costs of product development. To get an accurate estimate for your specific project, you may get a quote here.

What locations do you serve?

We serve clients worldwide and have worked with startups, entrepreneurs and businesses in 15+ countries, providing them with the best product development services. The majority of our clients are based all across the US, from California to New York.

Is Outdesign Co a product development company?

Outdesign Co is a product design and development company helping inventors, startups and SMEs across 15+ countries turn their ideas into some ‘World-firsts’ and award-winning products. Industrial design, product development, engineering, 3D visualization and prototyping are some of the services provided by Outdesign Co.

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