3D Rendering for Product Marketing: All You Need to Know

January 11, 2018




The biggest challenge for marketers of physical products is to communicate the value, function and differentiators of their product to customers. Consumers are strained on time and have more choices than ever before. As a result, marketing collateral needs to work harder to engage them.


This is where creative, hyper realistic 3D product renderings can help a brand stand out without the hassles of traditional product photography.



What is 3D product rendering?


Unlike product photography, 3D rendering is a fully digital process, meaning no physical product needs to be shipped.


Using a product’s 3D CAD data, amazing product visualizations can be created fast and cost-effectively.


With 3D renderings not only can you visualize existing products in various environments, colors, materials and angles but also those products that are yet to be manufactured. This presents a great opportunity for startups to demonstrate their product idea to potential investors and customers in order to raise funds.



Advantages of 3D Rendering


More marketers are using 3D Rendering over traditional photography. Here’s why.


1) No Physical Prototype Needed

A distinct advantage that 3D rendering offers over product photography is that it doesn’t need a prototype to be created or shipped first; it facilitates the prototyping and product development process.


It is especially useful for entrepreneurs, startups and inventors who want to test the market for their idea or want to demonstrate their overall idea to potential investors and customers.

Image: Visualizing a product idea/sketch using 3D renderings without creating actual physical prototypes.



Endless Variations In Colors, Materials And Finishes

3D rendering can showcase endless product variations of colors, textures, materials, finishes and much more - without having to create different prototypes for each variation.


This makes the process fast, efficient and cost-effective as compared to product photography.








    Showcase Internal Features & Technology

    To showcase a product’s internal features or create cut-away views using traditional photography, the whole product would first need to be dismantled and then setup for a photo shoot.

    But with 3D rendering, using the product’s 3D CAD data any internal features, views or complex technology can be seamlessly showcased to customers.





      No Product Is Too Big!

      Since the whole 3D rendering process is digital, based on the 3D CAD files of the product, the product’s physical dimensions do not matter.


      Any product big or small, in various industries be it consumer electronics, machinery, vehicles, medical devices, instruments, furniture, jewelry, luxury goods, plastics etc, basically any physical object can be visualized without facing any of the challenges of traditional photography.





      Showcase The Product In Any Environment

      3D product rendering allows marketers to showcase products in their intended surroundings and allows compositing shots without having to create different photo shoot sets in various environments or locations. Thus customers are able to envision the product keeping in mind its end-use and environment.




      Create Stunning Visuals

      Great rendering skills combined with creativity can help you create stunning visuals that engage your audience and set your brand apart among a sea of competitors.



         Note: All images are a property of Outdesign Co. (www.outdesign.co)



        How Much Does 3D Rendering Cost?


        3D product rendering is a highly valuable, yet cost-effective marketing tool.

        The cost of 3D product rendering depends on various factors like product complexity (how many different parts, materials, finishes it has), image resolution needed, environment, angles etc.


        The images created as a result can be used for various marketing collateral like brochures, ads, social media, presentations, website imagery and more.

        In most situations, it beats traditional photography hands down.



        Ready to take your marketing and brand to the next level, without the hassles of traditional product photography?


        Get a quote for 3D product rendering now by sending an email to: info@outdesign.co


        For a quicker quote, please attach a few images or sketch of the product you would like to visualize along with the product’s 3D CAD files if available.  



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