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3D Rendering Services for Industrial & Manufacturing Equipment

Learn how industrial manufacturing companies can leverage our 3D rendering service to create stunning visualizations of their machines cost-effectively & without the hassles of traditional photography. 

Industrial machinery, automotive parts, mechanical devices, medical equipment and other heavy equipment can be a challenge to photograph.


Due of their large size and complexity, it’s not feasible to ship the equipment to a photography studio for a photo shoot. Also, disrupting operations of a machine for a photo-shoot means downtime and loss for the business.


In such a scenario, our ultra-realistic 3D rendering & visualization service for manufacturers of industrial & mechanical equipment proves to be a cost-effective alternative to traditional photography and allows manufacturing companies to create stunning visuals for their product's marketing and advertising.

How is 3D Rendering Beneficial for Manufacturers?

3D rendering is a fully digital process, which means, that unlike traditional photography, you don’t need to ship your product to be photographed or have a photo-shoot set up at your location. This proves especially beneficial for industrial & mechanical equipment that are often very large and heavy.

With just a machine’s 3D CAD surface data, we can create stunning visuals and animations in various colors, environments, angles etc that allows manufacturers to showcase their product's technology and various configurations without having to first build each different configuration for photography.


3D rendering presents a great opportunity for manufacturers and brands of industrial machinery, medical devices, heavy equipment, automotive parts, scientific equipment etc to showcase their machine’s internal features without having to disassemble it, create animations that show your machine’s operation, create marketing collateral for brochures, social media, training, exhibitions and more without any of the hassles of traditional photography. 

A Glimpse of our 3D Rendering Capabilities

Industries Served

  • Industrial / Manufacturing Equipment

  • Medical Equipment

  • Consumer Goods

  • Packaging Shots

  • Automotive

  • Electronic Equipment

  • And more...

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How your company can leverage our expertise in 3D product rendering

3D product rendering has clear advantages over traditional photography which has made it an industry standard for various industries like automotive, furniture, consumer electronics and many more. 

Outdesign specializes in creating 3D renders that not just look highly realistic, but showcase your product in creative ways that make it easy for your prospective buyers to understand your technology and value proposition. Below are some advantages and use cases for 3D renders and animations of your products:-


  • Use in marketing and advertising collateral like brochures, catalogs, website, trade-show banners, social media, packaging and other promotional materials. 

  • Showcase cut-away views, exploded views, internal features and technology without disassembling the machine or halting operation.

  • Showcase different variants, additional attachments and configurations of a machine without having to build each one separately.

  • No machine is too big or small for 3D rendering.

  • Create instructional and training videos/animations that might not be possible with traditional photography.

  • Fully digital process, no shipping required.

  • Visualize products or accessories that are yet to be manufactured.

How much does 3D rendering cost?

The cost of 3D product rendering depends on various factors like product complexity (how many different parts, materials, finishes it has), whether you already have 3D CAD data or not, image resolution needed, environment, etc. 

The 3D CAD files used for manufacturing often need to be modified to create high quality 3D renderings, so the cost also depends on how much modification is required.


Since each product is different, we suggest you to click here to send us a message and describe your requirements in detail so we can provide you an estimate.

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