The product 'My Pet My Scent', uses a combination of hemp oil and the pet owner's own scent to reduce fear and separation anxiety among pets when the owner is away.

It was awarded by “America’s Veterinarian” Dr. Marty Becker at the Global Pet Expo, Florida 2017 and also featured on Fox TV.


Something Fun and Functional

The device is based on aromatherapy and uses an aroma disc that needs to be replaced at regular intervals.

For the best experience, this replacement process needed to be quick and easy so as to not feel like a hassle for the pet owner and the aesthetic needed to be fun/playful yet elegant.


Keeping the User First

To ease the process of attaching or removing the casing from the dog's collar, the casing offers 2 options of a clip-on and a mounting ring.


A bayonet type locking mechanism for the casing itself ensures that the casing is quickly disassembled for disc replacement.

After the industrial design, we prepared the product for prototyping. The prototypes were then validated and the files were further optimized for injection molding. 


Good Design = Good Business

The major revenue for this product comes from the sales of the aroma discs. Making the user experience for disc replacement smooth and quick ensures that the pet owners don’t find it a hassle to replace discs at regular intervals, which is good both for the pets as well as the client’s bottomline.


The product was awarded at the Global Pet Expo, Florida 2017 by "America's veterinarian" Dr. Marty Becker and featured in various TV shows as can be seen below. 

" Tarun is a very capable engineer, who is innovative, creative and thoughtful. He takes initiative and gets the job done to your satisfaction.
It's a joy to work with him as he suggests things that makes my job easier. Highly recommend him. "




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