Product design that goes beyond aesthetic appeal & makes real business impact.

Good design goes much beyond “look & feel”. A holistic design approach has the power to make a real business impact and create iconic brands.

  • Design Research

  • Concept Design

  • Human Factors

  • CMF Design

  • High-Level DFM

  • Ultra-realistic 3D rendering


"Extremely bright and talented team. Communication is excellent - prompt, precise and concise. Delivery was on time. Have enjoyed working with them. Will definitely hire again if the need arises."

Tathagato Dastidar | CEO | SigTuple Technologies

Multi-disciplinary approach for better design solutions

Product development is a long process requiring close collaboration between designers, engineers & manufacturers. Poor communication between these teams directly affects the end product adversely. At Outdesign, we have designers & engineers working together with our manufacturing partners in the same timezone, resulting in quick and effective collaboration. Manufacturing challenges can be addressed in a matter of a few hours instead of days or weeks. Since we work from initial design through to manufacturing, this ensures that the original design intent is not lost along the way.


Form, Ergonomics & CMF Design

For physical products, working completely in digital 3D programs is not sufficient. Physical mockups are created to refine a product’s form, size and ergonomics. Ergonomic models are especially important for products where there is a direct physical human interaction, like wearable devices, handheld products, furniture and more. CMF design refers to the improvements in the Color, Materials & Finishes of a product. For this, we create physical CMF sample prototypes to get the best results possible. 

Early DFM to avoid costly re-designs later

Getting from an idea to working prototype is only half the battle, getting parts manufactured with consist quality at scale has its own set of challenges. It is very important that parts are designed keeping in mind the constraints of specific manufacturing processes. Not doing so can result in part defects, high scrap rates, inconsistent or poor quality parts, parts that don’t fit together and other problems, all ultimately leading to increased manufacturing costs and delays. We therefore incorporate high-level DFM considerations early on in the industrial design stage itself so that products don’t have to undergo complete redesign or manufacturing issues later down the line. Thorough DFM assessment is done during engineering development.


Visualize your product before manufacturing

Using advanced CGI software, we create ultra-realistic 3D product renderings that help our clients visualize new product designs in various different color combinations, finishes and materials. This is a great tool in reducing the number of physical prototypes we have to create in order to refine the CMF of a product. 3D renderings are also used for starting your marketing efforts while your product gets manufactured instead of having to wait for weeks for the samples to get manufactured.

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