Cost Reductions Through Smart Product Design

Startups don't have the funds or the manufacturing volume of a big corporation, so they need to find creative ways to cut down costs without compromising on quality or reliability.


In the following case study, we demonstrate how we helped a consumer electronics startup turn their prototype into an

“Apple store worthy” design and also save an estimated $300k+

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In this case study, learn:

How product design impacts as much as 80% of the manufacturing costs, yet manufacturability of a design is often overlooked.

How product development approach for a cash-strapped startup differs from that of a big corporation like Apple.

How we helped a startup save an estimated $300k+ in manufacturing costs and design a more reliable, better looking product.

Outdesign Co.

Outdesign is a product design and development company. We help startups create innovate, easy to manufacture products that stand out. We help you go from napkin sketch to mass production.

Excellent detail and follow-up. I would hire them again or recommend to anybody who needed diligent work. Went above and beyond what was requested.


SmartMat Inc


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Outdesign is a product design & development company. We help startups & SMEs create innovate, easy to manufacture products that stand out. Learn More >


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